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Google’s Project Wing Takes on Amazon’s Drone Delivery Program.

Amazon .com Inc, Google’s rival has been experimenting with self flying vehicles in serving their online merchandise buyers. These have been delivering goods to the company’s customers. The challenge to Google was even heightened when Amazon produced an online video showing technology rivalry that seemed to involve Apple and Google. Previously Google expected the company to take more years before…

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Celebrity Nudes Hit the Net after iCloud Hack.

A couple of nights ago news of the iCloud hack hit the net. It appears the hacker only targeted nude photographs stored by celebrities in the iOS online storage. Previously before this incident, an unknown poster gave some sort of warning, hinting this massive hack was going to happen. It read that over a hundred of celebrity photos would be exposed from an iCloud hack and this just occurred.


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State of the art – Apple and Adroid’s 2014 gadgets

We have somewhat waited for Apple to release something so spectacular to spend our money on. Well, the iOS device manufacturer is finally ready with the long awaited, and much rumored iPhone 6. This Apple’s 2014 gadget might be launched on September 9 together with the small but powerful iWatch.
iPhone 6 comes with a bezel-free display, an indication that Apple, like other Android manufacturers,…

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Kenya’s Upcoming Dynamic Educational Network

This educational portal flashes the tag name “Fun in Learning”! But not only fun in learning, it is also to be Kenya’s first dynamic academic directory and resource centre that seamlessly fuses its core mission – e-learning, educational directory, jobboard, marketplace and educational information with a social platform.

The websitewill host institutional pages so that anyone looking for a school…

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Africa’s Top Innovative Tech Startups

For ages, Africa has been trailing behind other continents in the arena technological developments. Many African citizens cite high percentage of illiteracy, lack of research facilities, poor research funding, among other factors that have fueled the sluggish growth. But now, Africa is regaining the traction in the global tech startup scene, with its exponentially growing big investments, tech…

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Prepare for the Alienware Area-51 Gaming Desktop!

Dell is embracing herself for the pompous launch of the new Alienware Area 51 gaming desktop. This comes four long years after Dell keeping off the market. The big digital corporate is now reviving the Area 51 line of gaming desktop systems. It is pretty apparent that from what this new gaming beast has to offer, the price won’t come so low.

Area 51 is ultimately one of the classic Alienware…

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September 9 is Apples Great Day!

The big day is set for PT in Cupertino. The event is a huge press conference, and it kicks off at 10 o’clock in the morning. Apple already sent out invitations for the special September 9 event, requesting everyone to spare time to attend the function, whose agenda has not wholesomely been disclosed. The invite portion that says Apple wish they could say more, leaves a wide room for speculations…

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Asus to Unveil best looking Smartwatch on September 3

The computer tech giant Asus is now planning to enter the Android wearable market with the help of their new Smartwatch known as Zenwatch. According to the officials they have been able to build the most attractive looking Android wear that the world has seen till date. No doubt this new Zenwatch is going to be the first Android wear device from this company. So in case you are among those people…

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UK Plans to Cut off Russian Business from Rest of the World

It looks as if United Kingdom is in no mood to show mercy towards Russia as they now plan to talk European Union into cutting off Russian business form rest of the world. This can be the most disciplinary sanction till date and we will have to wait till the weekend to find out what it brings forth. As per what a British government official said, the United Kingdom will push the European Union to…

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Smartphone and Tablet explosion to drive ERP growth in Middle East

The steadily rising use of smart mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in the Middle East workplace is expected to offer enormous opportunities to enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors looking to tap this growth market, according to the latest survey conducted by IDG Connect, a subdivision of market intelligence firm International Data Group (IDG), on behalf of Sage Middle East, a…

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