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A Comparative Study of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the arena of smart phones that offer an array of world-class mobile phones across the globe. The company offers a plethora of smart phones at multiple price range. In addition to this all its products are made up of advanced technology that promises value for money. Apart from the basic smart phones, the company also offers a wide selection of tablets to…

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Best Online Book Stores You Must Try

Summer’s over, it is that time of the year again. School is back on and everybody in hustling to gather books for the new session. Books are generally pretty expensive and depending on the author and the country you are in, their prices can vary a great deal. A great way to save money on textbooks is to buy used or secondhand versions especially with the books that you don’t need for more than…

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Microsoft Reveals Intentions to Buy Minecraft

Microsoft is in the final agreements with Mojang, a vital stage towards buying the Indie game. They are determined to own Minecraft team, a company which may become part of or an affiliate of Microsoft before the start of next week if the agreement with the Minecraft team fructifies.

Attempts to buy Minecraft by Microsoft have been going on for some time now and rumours have been all over the net…

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The Most Exciting Wearable – The Apple Watch

The Cupertino based electronics giants had the most important day of their future and the future of smartphones in the world on 9th September. The main event revolved around the launch of Apple’s benchmark iPhones, namely the 6 and 6 Plus. Apart from this, the company also launched the Apple watch, its first step into the world of wearable technology. The Apple watch has created quite hype and it…

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T-Mobile Turns Wireless Home Networks into a Cell Tower

T-Mobile revealed on Wednesday, its ‘’UnCarrier 7.0’’ project which will provide free Wi-Fi calling and texting on every T-Mobile phone. The initiative will introduce Wi-Fi messaging and voice call features in every smartphone the company sells. This service will accommodate calls made within homes as well as out of homes thereby linking cellular networks with home Wi-Fi networks. All new…

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Apple has decided to bring in another great mind – Marc Newson the innovative designer

We all know that when you mention the name of Apple in the tech world, you will not go without turning heads. Year in year out this Tech Company has impressed us with their innovative creations and it has maintained their reputation as one of the biggest names in the world of technology. This year we have seen the unveiling of their new iphone 6 and a state of the iWatch. The company is devoted…

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The curtain finally closes on the iPod classics

The release of the first version of the iPod classic came in with the promise of a thousand songs in your pocket. This was a feat that apart from the Sony walkman not many mp3 players had reached. Sadly, without much glow or euphoria, the iPod classics have been quietly retired by apple Inc. company. After thirteen years of existence, one would be forgiven for expecting some fanfare to mark the…

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Google Buys Lift Labs: Responsible for Creating a Spoon That Counters Parkinson’s Tremors

Google made public declarations of buying Lift Labs on Wednesday. Lift Labs is the Biotech Company team that enabled Parkinson’s and essential tremor patients to be able to eat easily by their latest designed tremor- cancelling spoon. The company will join Google X following the recently announced contract. The financial terms therein involved are yet to be known as they were not included in last…

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Jawbone Up24 Update Stretches Battery Life Longer

The Jawbone Up24 fitness tracker has gained notable battery life boost following the unveiling of its latest update. Virtually nobody likes parting with a favorite device to have it recharge its batteries. Sometimes it is even more inconveniencing when batteries get low when there is a power outage. Other times cloud cover makes solar cells capture no energy. An uplift to the battery life should…

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Introducing Kardashian Krypt – sending messages in a whole new level

Kardashian Krypt is out for everyone to download at Github and Chrome Extension Store. The application introduces a new level of sending messages and photo files in a manner that cannot be deciphered by anyone. It uses a steganographic technique which integrates the practice of hiding a message, image or file within another message, photo and file.

The hidden file in steganography appears to be…

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